Strawberry Fruit Rot diseases

* Anthracnose Fruit Rot of Strawberry

* Botrytis Fruit Rot or Gray Mold of Strawberry

* Florida Strawberry Producers' Experiences with Anthracnose and Botrytis Fruit Rot, and Producers' Use of the Strawberry Advisory System

About the tool, publications

The Strawberry Advisory System provides recommendations for timing fungicide applications for control of Anthracnose and Botrytis fruit rots- more on the web tool here. A smartphone app has been developed for use with iOS and Android operating systems - more on the app here.

Recommended funqicides

Fungicides recommended for control of Anthracnose and Botrytis Fruit Rots

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High risk
Moderate risk
Low risk

Refereed Publications Related to the Strawberry Advisory System

Cordova, L.G.g, Madden, L.V., Amiri, A.,p, and Peres, N.A. 2017. Meta-analysis of a web-based disease forecast system for control of anthracnose and Botrytis fruit rots of strawberry in Southeastern United States. Plant Disease 101: 1910-1917.

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Mackenzie, S.J. p and Peres, N.A. 2012. Use of leaf wetness and temperature to time fungicide applications to control Botrytis fruit rot of strawberry in Florida. Plant Disease 96:529-536.

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Trade Journal Articles and Publications Related to Strawberry Advisory System

January 2018. Web tool helps South Carolina & Florida strawberry growers. Fresh Plaza.

November 2017. UF Web Tool Helps South Carolina, Florida Strawberry Growers.

November 2017. Web based system helps U.S. strawberry growers ward off deadly pathogens. Fresh Plaza.

November 2017. UF Web Tool Helps South Carolina, Florida Strawberry Growers.

July 2016. Strawberry farmers earn more thanks to UF web tool. WCJB-TV.

July 2016. UF/IFAS-developed web tool saves money for strawberry growers in several states. IFAS News.

February 2016. Florida farmers adapting to UF/IFAS web-based tool to ward off strawberry diseases. Growing Florida.

Spring 2016. Botrytis Fruit Rot Epidemic (What's here and what's coming). Berry/Vegetable Times.

Fall 2015. El NiƱo is Back in the Tropical Pacific Ocean: How will it impact agriculture in the Southeast?And how will it affect strawberry diseases? Berry/Vegetable Times.

March 2015. Ferris Farms uses innovative, successful system of growing strawberries. WUFT News.

January 6, 2015. Spraying Smarter Strengthens Strawberry Production. National Institute of Food and Agriculture in Research and Science.

November 2014. UF professor wins award for strawberry monitoring system. Alligator.

November 2014. Researcher wins prestigious award for strawberry work. Agri-Leader. November 2014. Researcher awarded for strawberry work. Morning AgClips.

October 2014. Strawberry growers reap profits with less spray, more science. NOAA

October 2014. UF/IFAS-created strawberry monitoring system set to expand. University of Florida IFAS News.

October 2014. Online strawberry monitoring system set to expand services. Growing Produce.

August 2014. Strawberry monitoring system could add $1.7 million over 10 years to some farms. Science Daily.

Summer 2014. Resistance of Botrytis to fungicides: What else do we know? Berry/Vegetable Times.

March 2014. Innovation, teamwork make the grade: willingness to try new technology and working with quality people take Ferris Farms to new heights. Florida Grower 107:8-10.

January 2014.Expert systems provide dividends to strawberry growers. Florida Gower 107:26.

August 2013. Cloudy with a chance of fruit rot. Citrus and Vegetable Magazine 77:14-15.

March 2012. Screening for fungicide sensitivity of B. cinerea isolates from Florida. Berry/Vegetable Times.

June-July 2011. Model trumps calendars: web based forecasts likelihood of strawberry diseases, improving fungicide timing. Citrus & Vegetable 75:10-11.

October 26, 2010. UF-Based Strawberry Disease Project Secures Funding. Florida Grower.

August 2010. Strawberry Growers Wired For Success. Florida Grower.

2009. Strawberry web site. Vegetable Grower Magazine.

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